Home Customer Healthyme Bar – the name speaks for itself

Healthyme Bar – the name speaks for itself


If you are looking for a place to eat fresh, delicious and healthy food, I will stop you at Healthyme Bar. Their food is standing out compare to others based on the creativity on the raw material.

Everyday, they use fresh ingredients to provide the best value for customers. That’s why  it is important to keep track stocks in the inventory  to ensure their product is always fresh. CUKCUK steps in to help owner to control the inventory and know what in and out of the kitchen. The owner- Ms. Fecilia is enjoy using CUKCUK:

“CUKCUK operates smoothly even when the internet in my restaurant is down. I also like the service which CUKCUk team provides, it is very professional and thoughtful. I would love to keep using CUKCUK and recommend it to others”.

Cashier can take reservation when customer call for request

Waitstaff can use tablet/smartphone to take order at table-side and wireless send to kitchen.
The staff are also enjoying using CUKCUK to take order and help the service to run smooth and professional. We are glad to bring satisfaction to our customers and we hope healthyme Bar will continue to grow stronger and better./.